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Nintendo Cheat Codes (can be used on your computer, with FCEUx or Virtua NES)

Firstly, beginners might be interested in reading these simple instructions.
How to Input Codes for Nintendo Emulation

This is the complete collection of cheat codes,
Fully Compatible with your personal computer.
By simply using the Emulator FCEUx, or Virtua NES .
the following codes can be used.
This list has been painstakingly re-dun, and optimized,
in order to work on the FCEUultra .76.

These codes will work on FCEUx, using slight modifications.

For Challenging gameplay,
Try using one code at-a-time.
Because, too many Power-ups could make the game too darned easy!

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (A & B)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (C & D)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (E & F)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (G & H)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (I and J)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (K & L)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (M & N)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (O & P)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (Q & R)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (S )

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (T)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (U & V)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (W & X)

Gaming Codes for Nintendo on P.C. (Y & Z) And, Updates.

A Search for the Lost Code

The list of Game-Genie codes for N.E.S. is also available:
GameGenie Codes for N.E.S. & emulation

Plus, D & D Blazers have compiled a list of
Original Game Genie codes:
Original GameGenie codes for Nintendo & Emulators

for a flimsy "Conversion" chart, go to
or, go to the updated list, composed by ThgameLord:
The "decimal" system was initially used for Cheat codes on FCEU ultra.
While, the "Hexadecimal" system is being used for FCEUx cheats.

Here's a short-sample (from the collection):
For thousands more codes, please visit each blog listed.

Chip and dale rescue rangers*************
Infinite lives---player 1 -------- 05b6 202
Infinite Energy--Player 1 ----- 0210 018
Infinite lives---player 2 -- 05e6 081
Infinite Energy—player 2 -- 021c 018
Blinking invincible -- 005e 001

Chip and dale rescue rangers 2***********
“Energy” --- Player 1 -- 03d4 002
[for future reference, “energy” always implies Infinite energy]
“Lives” --- Player 1 -- 00a7 066
[For Future reference on this list: “LIVES” implies “Infinite Lives”]
“Energy” --Player 2 -- 03d5 002
“Lives” --Player 2 -- 00a8 060

Invincible (however, the character blinks)
-- 00ae 255
Start at the Final Level -- 0030 007
[you may alter the final number from 7, to a lower denomination.
And, this will change your starting level.
However, while in the game,,,,,
the code must then be disabled for all “level codes”,
or, the selected level will repeat]
Always have FIRE Weapon -- 00aa 004
My Favorite weapon -- 00aa 003

Gremlins 2**************************
Energy -- 00ad 006
Balloons -- 050c 001
Invincible (sorry, not with all versions)
-- 00a8 016

Heavy Barrel ************************
Invincible (type 1) -- 0400 000
Invincible (type 2) -- 040e 001
Lives (player 1) -- 00b4 006
Lives (player 2) -- 00b5 006
Start in the Final Level -- 0096 007
(please remember to turn-off all level codes during gameplay,
in order to prevent the level from repeating itself.

Iron Tank **************************
Infinite Energy (invincible)
-- 0306 080 + 003c 020 + 003e 020
Firepower -- 0039 020 + 003a 020

Lives --player 1 -- 0031 008
Lives --player 2 -- 0032 007
Invincible player 1 -- 0052 010
Invincible player 2 -- 0053 010
Begin at a higher level -- 0030 004

Kid Nikki, Radical Ninja***************
Invincible (turn off switch when you get stuck
-- 0088 000 + 04d1 000
mega weapon -- 00e5 000
lives -- 00cc 005
No annoying music
-- 0750 255 + 0764 255 + 0778 255 + 078c 255

Legend of Zelda 1 & 2**********************
(Zelda was designed to save the game each time you die.
Or, press Up on Joypad 2,
and simultaneously press “A” on Joypad 2)
(See Blog for more codes).

Mappyland ***********************
Remove the little dogs -- 00f1 000
Enemies never speed up -- 00f3 000
Remove all enemies -- 0085 255
The castle levels -- 063d 007

Ninja Crusaders ***********************
Invincible -- 0300 009
Lives -- 0303 002
Player 2 -- 0383 002
Start on the final level -- 00fa 009

Start the game with EXTA BUMPERS
(Only I could’ve made a code this creative. Ha ha)
-- 06fc 020 + 06fe 020

Super C (contra 2) ********************
Invincible -- 00a0 002
Lives -- 0053 007
Invincible--- type 2 -- 005b 050 + 00c4 099
Lives for Player 2 -- 0054 007

SUPER MARIO BROTHERS 1 & 2 ************
(see blog collection. Volume "S")

SUPER MARIO BROS 3 *****************
Check this out: start in any part of the world!!!
03f3 007
start as raccoon --------- 00ed 003
always can fly 056e 030
+ 04e1 255
ride a cloud 03f3 007
Invincible 0552 133
Start in world 8 -------------0727 007
No music -------------------04e5 000
Always have all items- 7d80 008 + 7d81 001 + 7d82 002 + 7d83 003 +
7d84 004 + 7d85 005 + 7d86 006 + 7d87 007 + 7d89 009 + 7d8a 010 + 7d8b 011 +
7d8c 012 + 7d8d 013 + 7d88 008
Weird: Walk on lava 00f1 000
Weird: never die from falling 00b4 000 + 0087 001

Super Sprint ******* game genie code only
LOSIEE -- the computer cars don’t move

Tengen TETRIS *************************
Check this out. Pause the game, at any time.
Then, simply press the “A” button, and a line will appear:
-- 01b8 000 + 01b6 017

--- go to the 3rd party site, hosted by Deev-oh

or, the upcoming website from D & D Blazers

All material Copyright 2002-2009 Seth S.
Originally from the literary work,
"Most Comprehensive Cheat code Collection ever".

Note: on March 13, 2009,
this project was taken over by a 3rd party,
since I wasn't able to make progress.
The intermediary promises to finish this collection.

On March 13, 2009, this collection was sent to a 3rd party,
in order to finish the material. Since I was unable to.
(D.h is designated to complete this collection).

The collection is Now completed on August 1, 2009.


the site from D & D Blazers:

S.shannon is hanging up his kleets, for good !@

Another new 3rd party site also includes:


If you’re using the newest version of FCEUx,
You might need to change the Suffix of the cheat codes.
In other words,
the FCEUultra was using a “Decimal” cheat system which required 3 suffix characters,
ranging from 000 to 255.

The newer FCEUx emulator currently uses the 2-digit “hexadecimal” system,
Ranging from 00 to FF.
Here's a bunch of Conversion tables which might help alittle.

Here's a longer explanation of the difference between the decimal system which is used for FCEU-ultra, and the Hexadecimal system currently for FCEUx.

the FCEUultra had a cheat system which required 3 suffix characters,
ranging from 000 to 255.

The newer FCEUx emulator currently uses the 2-digit “hexadecimal” system,
which now eliminates one row, and ranges from 00 to FF.

For example:
The code for achieving “Infinite Energy” for Iron tank was
0306 080 + 003C 020 + 003E 020.
This code works fine on all versions of FCEU ultra.

However, the newest version of FCEU has eliminated the three-digit ending for each code.
And, they’ve replaced them with a 2-digit method.
The first 4 numbers of each code will always remain the same.
[0306] will stay the same. [ 003C ] Also remains unchanged [ 003E ] stays the same, as well.
but, depending on the situation, the last digits may require a conversion.
0306 080 now becomes 0306 50
003C 020 now becomes 003C 14
And finally, 003E 020 is changed to 003E 14.
In other words, the Three digit [020] is now converted to the 2-digit system [14].

The reason why the numbers don't match is because the 2-digit system also includes the LETTERS A through G.
0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a,b,c,d,e,f, 10
So, instead of going from 009 to 010, it goes from 09 to 0A instead.

It's usually not necessary to make changes when the numbers are small.
(infinite lives, infinite shots, etc.).
One reason is because the numbers don't need to be precise.
And, the second reason is because smaller numbers won't be affected.

For example: infinite lives for Super C was originally 0053 007.
And, the newer system is simply 0053 07.
SO, it doesn’t matter which suffix number is used for this game.
It could’ve been 03, or 05, or whatever.
This is why the gameplay will not be affected under the new method.

However, more complex codes require Precise suffix numbers.
There’s an older code for Mappyland which removes all enemies.
0085 255.
But, the newer code must be converted.
The 0085 prefix never changes.
But the 255 ending must now be replaced with FF.

Here’s another example:
Originally, the Invincibility code for Jackal was
0052 010.
The 010 suffix must now be changed to the 2-digit hexadecimal system.
So, here’s how this is done.
The Old method scaled from 000 to 255.
In this case, it counted from 1 to 10.
0, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
But, under the new method, it does NOT count from 0 to 255.
Instead, it counts from 00 to FF.
0, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a,b,c,d,e,f,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,1a,1b,1c,1d,1e,1f,20, and so on.

So, instead of counting from 001 to 010.
You’re counting from 01 to 0A.
That’s called the hexadecimal system.

Finally, if the Cheat-Code has already been saved in FCEU ultra prior to the FCEUx, the saved code seems to automatically convert to the newer system.
SO, in other words, perhaps, there's no effort required (on your part) if you've already been using the older FCEUultra emulator.

......So, if you've already inputted Cheats into this emulator, it seems to upgrade to the newer Hexadecimal system, without manual changes.